EDITORIAL | ‘1984, 40 Years Late’: Cornell’s Interim Policy Cripples Democracy

College students are losing sight of why democracy matters. At Cornell, where censorship is becoming the norm, it’s no wonder why. When people get robbed of opportunities to participate peacefully in what the late civil rights leader John Lewis called “good trouble, necessary trouble,” that disillusionment quickly alchemizes into rage and disdain. 

That’s what makes the University’s Interim Expressive Activity Policy so backward, depraved and ultimately dangerous — it fans those flames of resentment. On Jan. 24, the administration unilaterally implemented a set of draconian guidelines to redefine what acceptable protest on campus looks like. 

“This is a flat contradiction,” Prof. Richard Bensel, government, told The Sun. “This is George Orwell coming to the Ithaca campus. It is 1984, 40 years late.”