EDITORIAL | Childish Antics Backfire on Republicans

As early as kindergarten, kids generally learn to not talk out of turn. Republicans — especially Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) — must’ve never taken a lesson.

How did sporting bright red campaign merch and hurling insults at the commander-in-chief during his State of the Union address become the new normal? Republican politicians continue to break norms by trampling on tradition and the rules of common decency, but their gamble isn’t paying off. 

The aging president doesn’t speak with the energy he did during his days in the Senate, but when the going got tough, the elder statesman showed that he still has it: He hurled ad-libs right back. He frequently went off-script, turning interruptions from the audience into important talking points. In the face of all the bluff and bluster from his hecklers, Biden kept his poise, sloughing off attacks and speaking directly to voters on the issues that matter, from NATO and gun control to the humanitarian crisis along the border.