FRIEDMAN | Missing Moral Condemnation

Terror against the most innocent and vulnerable — at the hands of a group committed only to fire and fury and zero constructive aims for their own people — is never an acceptable answer to cases of political or territorial disagreements. In a civilized world, political or religious ideologies, legitimate or otherwise, can never, under any circumstances, justify criminal, savage acts — acts which must be met with immediate and severe consequences.

On one side — innocent, unprepared, shocked civilians — and on the other — premeditated, conniving, ferocious killers. The events unfolding last weekend featured an unfathomable power differential, causing consternation, fear, and frustration the world over. The leaders of the United States, France, Germany, Italy and Britain issued a joint statement pledging support.

Still, there are those that invert the realities of the situation and flip the actual power dynamic on its head — claiming that the killers with guns are “oppressed” and the bleeding dead are the “oppressors.”