GLASGOW | World War III Has Already Begun

American treasure Lana Del Rey said it best: “When the world was at war before, we just kept dancing.” World War III has already begun, and not much can stop it. The coming years will change the face of the earth: We need to wake up to the changes and mentally prepare for a time that puts to question our place in the world.

It does not have to feel like there is a global conflict for there to be one. Some nutcase nationalist shot Austrian archduke Ferdinand in 1914 and started the First World War. In our American understanding, World War II had begun after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, but the marks of tension had been there all along. The difference between this war and the previous ones is a shift to proxy-wars fought by the global hegemony, like what we’re seeing in Ukraine. Rather than world powers directly engaging in old-fashioned interstate tank war, most conflict is thrown onto the shoulders of the third-world. The already struggling Global South has to face a new type of colonialism in the unstoppable competition for influence — echoes of the Cold War.

Hamas and Iran are practically best friends, and have been in an allyship for decades. Iran sends hundreds of ballistic missiles to Russia. Many missiles in Ukraine come from North Korea. North Korea, earning billions from these missile sales, also works with Pakistan and Hamas. Terrorist groups around the world support Hamas, like Lebanon’s Hezbollah — which collaborates with organized-crime cartels across Latin America. How can someone look at a full circle like that and deny the existence of a global conflict?