GUEST ROOM | I’m Yash Moitra. This Is My Side of the Story

Over the past week, I’ve skipped most of my classes, bombed a quiz or two and haven’t been able to prepare for any of my prelims. I’ve been called slurs, told to “watch my back” and even had people I knew refuse to speak with me in public. I’m Yash Moitra, and I’ve been under constant threat, always scared that the anonymous posts would come true. If you looked my name up as of last Tuesday, it’s one of the first things you’d see: “Who is Yash Moitra?” Well, I’m Yash Moitra, and this is my side of the story.

It was late at night. I got a phone call from a close friend. He asked if I wrote “the manifesto.” I genuinely had no idea what he was talking about. Soon, the posts began to roll in: It began on Sidechat and soon spread to Greekrank. The rumors had no bounds: Some claimed I tried to “expose” business clubs; some said I single-handedly took down the frats; and some just called me an “untouchable.” I tried to ask anyone who might know: Where did this come from? My weekend plans typically involved going to several frat parties, but I never tried to rush. I didn’t even know what the process looked like. To this date, I don’t know why anyone thinks I had anything to do with it. Online forums, however, didn’t seem to care. No one cared that I never sent any reports or manifestos to anyone; no one cared that the IFC President and Advisor both clarified this to every single fraternity leader as of last week, and no one cared that your upvotes on unfounded posts were creating a very real danger for me.

I’ve been quoted in the Sun twice: once saying that antisemitism was bad, and once saying that business clubs could schedule events better. That’s it. I don’t hate the business clubs or fraternities, nor do I have any idea of the allegations that were leveled against them. As it would seem, though, someone began a rumor that I wrote a “manifesto” of hazing violations and sent it to someone else. I did not know about and have no involvement in the matter, but this doesn’t seem to matter, because, over the past few days, all I’ve heard from anyone who knows me is: “Did you do it?”