LETTER FROM THE EDITOR | This Giving Day, Support The Sun

Since 1880, The Sun has been unwaveringly independent. That means our student journalists have never and will never take marching orders from the administration or pressure groups. We are only beholden to you, the reader. 

The Sun — unlike the oftentimes unscrupulous, multibillion-dollar University it covers — is run by and for students and aims to always deliver the full truth. In recent years, the job of student journalists has become harder, but we’ve risen to the occasion. The administration has taken on an anti-press attitude, with bureaucrats trying as hard as they can to control the flow of information.

Breaking up interviews and stonewalling. Explicitly instructing students, staff and faculty to not speak to the press. Referring peaceful protestors for disciplinary action. Hiding behind arcane, undemocratic policies on speech and protest. Just when you thought the University couldn’t be any more combative when it comes to freedom of expression, you find out you were wrong.