LETTER TO THE EDITOR | Re: “Cornellians Mourn, Demand University Acknowledge Palestinians at Students for Justice in Palestine Vigil”

To the editor:

The article regarding the recent Students for Justice in Palestine vigil on campus reminds me of the saying, “with friends like these, who needs enemies?”  If SJP cared about Palestinian values, they would condemn Hamas’s intentional slaughter of innocent civilians rather than suggest that Palestinians’ “right to resistance” includes gang-raping women and burning children.  If SJP cared about Palestinians’ welfare, they would call upon Hamas to stop using Gazans as human shields and allow civilians to flee Hamas strongholds.  But SJP does none of these things because, like Hamas, SJP’s concern is not with bettering the lives of Palestinians — SJP has no coherent plans for a Palestinian future — but destroying the state of Israel.  And, as always, their efforts will succeed in bringing all parties, and particularly Palestinians, only further pain and suffering.  

Yigal M. Gross, Cornell Law ‘10