LEVIN | I Thought I’d Be Safe From Antisemitism at Cornell. I Was Wrong.

An arrest has been made after evil posts online called for the eradication of Jews at Cornell, the university I attend. But I feel no sense of closure. Even though the suspect, a fellow student, is in federal custody, the constant threat of anti-Semitism looms over us still.

I learned growing up in a staunchly conservative suburb of Orange County, California, that being Jewish is not for the faint of heart. As a kid in school, classmates threw antisemitic tropes at me more times than I can count. 

A week before my high school graduation, one student scrawled swastikas on his hands in ink and flashed them at me. For the antisemites among my peers, I wasn’t Gabriel, which is Hebrew in origin for “strength in God.” I was simply a dirty Jew, a penny-pincher — and other epithets that are much, much worse…