SCHWARZ | Cornell Should Do More to Introduce Students to the Cultural Resources of New York City

As someone who loves New York City for its cultural resources and whose life is enriched by regular visits to NYC, I think Cornell could and should do more to make NYC accessible to undergraduates.  When I visit NYC, I see huge numbers of secondary school student visitors from across Europe as well as from all over the US, and I wonder why, given our greater proximity to New York, we cannot increase opportunities for our students to learn there. 

We have not even begun to tap the potential of living close to one of the world’s most important and diverse cities.  Our students will be enriched personally and better prepared for their careers if we develop programs in NYC.

In terms of professional development, we could develop lists of those alumni who work in various fields and are willing to help build bridges for students interested in their fields. Our pre-med students could tour hospitals with doctors and aspiring journalists could visit the offices of major publications. At one time the English department had such a NY list for majors interested in journalism, publishing and related fields and we arranged interactive events in NYC.  I often arrange such meetings with current students who are visiting NYC.