SEX ON THURSDAY | Cornell Virgins State of the Union

My fellow sexless individuals: the state of our very being is in peril.

Once upon a time, I thought the majority of girls at Cornell were like me — virgins. After all, I’d say most of my friends are similar to me, both in personality and in sexual experience. Cornell men, however, I don’t have much intel on, since I try to associate with them as little as possible. Despite my limited knowledge of the typical Cornell man, I assumed that the Cornell student body, regardless of gender identity, was comprised mostly of sexless individuals.

Strangely, this is a topic I think about fairly often. I walk up Ho Plaza and wonder if the random group of girls passing me is also waiting for some sign from above to lose their V-card. I look around at parties and wonder if any other groups, besides me and my friends, are composed of virgins by choice (or, maybe by lack thereof).