SEX ON THURSDAY | F*ck First Dates

The season of love is truly one of the most fun times of the year, with Perfect Match and dating apps sending me too many push notifications with discounted rates for their premium subscriptions — as if I was down that bad — it feels like the world is screaming to get people on a date for this love ridden day. 

For us singletons, Valentine’s day is regarded as an opportunity to go out with someone new — potentially a crush or someone you have met recently. Planning a first date around Valentine’s is also a great strategic choice, at least for those who believe love to be airborne and highly contagious during this time of the year. 

First dates can be awkward though, not knowing where to go, who should pay — never me that’s for sure — or how far one should go. Sure, most people would agree that if the date went well a smooch is appropriate. But to me, a smooch is simply not enough; I mean good first dates are so hard to come by, make sure you give them something to remember you — or multiple orgasms.