SEX ON THURSDAY | Let’s All Get Naked

I love the way the air feels as it caresses my taint. The sensuality of the open air tickling my balls. One thing you should know about me is that I love being nude. Any chance I have to strip, I’ll take it. It’s so freeing and amazing. Ugh (crying face emoji). I love it.

The first time I got naked outside was with my friends in my junior year of high school. We went to a park by my house on our wine night. After drinking over a bottle of wine each, we rode our bikes up a hill in the center of the park. From this hill, we could see lights emanating from the Toronto skyline, just 30 miles across Lake Ontario. Lights that would soon twinkle on my balls.

Feeling drunk and spontaneous, I stripped my clothes and started sprinting down the hill with my friends in hot pursuit. This sparked something deep down inside me — I became a serial nudist.