SEX ON THURSDAY | PreP and the Raw Play Epidemic

I love rubbers, condoms or whatever you want to call them. As a bottom, they help smooth things over when you are trying to make it all fit and make the entire process way less painful. I don’t know the real sensory differences of playing without them — still haven’t tried topping yet — but it seems that no guy wants to put them to use anymore. 

All the Grindr profiles in a 20-mile radius seem to be exact copies of each other: ‘bb only,’ ‘raw’ or ‘neg on PreP’ overwhelm every other bio description. Most people are getting around with literally nothing between them. 

Turns out this pattern is no coincidence. There is a surge of men who have sex with men who just aren’t wearing condoms anymore. Condom usage among young gay men dropped from 63 percent to 53 percent between 2003 and 2019. PreP is the culprit that encouraged us to have our fun “worry-free.”