SEX ON THURSDAY | Strike a Pose

I vividly remember the first time I looked at the mirror, naked, and felt the desire to stare at my body. Every time I would step into the shower, I stared at my body for a while, doing a little spin for a full view. It gave me a comforting feeling to have a moment for myself to appreciate my body.

But that was not enough for me. At some point that feeling of wanting to appreciate the nakedness of my, dare I say, more than average body, transformed into wanting to be seen. Maybe I was overcompensating for never having a guy to experiment with or to explore my sexual side with, but I turned to taking naked pictures of myself as a form of exploration. And as people do, I did send some of those pictures around. 

Taking nudes became almost a hobby of mine. I would take them every couple of days in front of the mirror or with the selfie camera, experimenting with poses, angles and even lighting sometimes. I became a creative mastermind obsessed with improving from my previous attempts.