SEX ON THURSDAY | The Argument Against Running it Back

I am begging you: do not, by any means, run it back with a former love interest. I don’t care if you shared the most romantic night of your life. I don’t care if you talked about your future children — I don’t even care if you named them together.

One time, probably outside at some party, I heard that relit cigarettes taste like garbage. Once you’ve butted it out, it’s as good as gone. Little did I know, the same has been said about love and relationships in some pretty moody Tumblr posts.

Running it back is akin to relighting the cigarette. It shouldn’t be a surprise when things aren’t as good the second time around. Sure, you had a great night together four months ago, but maybe that was all it was meant to be. Though reminiscing can fill the space between your ears, it’s best to not relight the flame.