SEX ON THURSDAY | The Fine Lines Between the Camera and the Memory

This semester’s first day of school corresponded with another important event – the Bachelorette season finale (and if you’re waiting to watch it, this is your official spoiler warning). In my living room, and others across Collegetown and the U.S., we watched as Charity chose a husband. I don’t wish to talk about the happy couple, however, but rather the runner-up: Joey. Joey, sweet and cute Joey, was left rejected. 

In a cruel but compelling moment, Charity recites a speech to Joey, telling him how much she cares for him and how wonderful their time together has been. But he is not chosen and it is all there, documented for posterity, some form of heartbreak. Whether that heartbreak is fully genuine, scripted, fake or some combination, I didn’t really care. I was struck by the idea of having footage of such a moment that even in unrecorded form, would hurt to look back on. 

Just two episodes earlier, Charity and her remaining men finally enjoyed private nights together in the fantasy suites. Her first night was spent with Joey; there is no footage of their bedroom activities, just a gentle fade away of the doors and a cut to the next morning. Charity and Joey are in bed, blissfully staring into each other’s eyes. She says, “thank you for last night” and they snuggle, complaining about the prospect of leaving the sheets.