TEBBUTT | Tough to Swallow: Ruminations of a (Self-)Righteous Vegetarian

There toll the jarring chimes of cognitive dissonance. It is a feeling I have become used to over the course of my 20s; the more secure the identities I build up, the more freely I permit the difficult questions and introspection that throw them into doubt. While these philosophical whacks around the head don’t always hit with quite the force they used to, they can still provide a visceral reddening of the face, and a few weeks of thoughts to chew on.

This particular instance was occasioned by the newsworthy appearance of Elwood’s Organic Dog Meat just a stone’s throw from the clock tower and, crucially, en route to my usual lunch spot in Willard Straight Hall. After experiencing the intended surprise at the flyers advertising “free range” delicacies such as “golden retriever milk” and “corgi legs,” I quickly ascertained the message.

 “This is satire, right?”, I asked the “salesperson” running the stall.